Intergroup Relations Laboratory


Department of Psychology San Diego State University

Thierry Devos

Research carried out in the lab focuses on implicit intergroup biases. It is now well established that stereotyping and prejudice often operate outside of conscious control. Even well-intentioned people are likely to display implicit associations that reflect pervasive stereotypes or prejudices. The goal of our ongoing work on this topic is to understand how implicit intergroup biases are embedded in social and cultural contexts.

Current directions of research include:

- Documenting reliable relations between implicit intergroup biases and characteristics of social contexts;

- Examining the stability and fluctuation of implicit intergroup biases across space and time;

- Identifying important psycho-social correlates of context-level implicit intergroup biases.

For further details about ongoing research projects, please consult recent publications.

This work is being conducted in collaboration with colleagues affiliated with SDSU and other academic institutions. Mentoring students in research experiences is an important component of our activities. We routinely involve graduate and undergraduate students in the various steps of our research projects. As much as possible, we implement open science practices in our research activities.

SDSU students interested in these topics and looking for research opportunities (PSY 499 or PSY 497) should contact Thierry Devos [].


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